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4 tips to get your workout motivation back

Losing your mo-jo with your exercise and healthy balanced eating routine is something we all do from time to time. Regaining your workout motivation can be tough. For some it’s a drop in intensity or frequency of training sessions and for others it’s completely stopping for a period of time. A week of missing exercise sessions or a weekend of junk or unprocessed foods will not be the make or break of your results. Reseting your workout motivation can be as hard as getting going for the first time. However it’s when the days turns into weeks and you start slipping back into old habits and this can become a re-occurring theme. As time moves on with being more inactive and with food becoming progressively worse getting back your mojo back can be really hard.

Re-set your goals

Do not stay attached to the goals you had before. It could be that those previous goals weren’t right for you or didn’t provide you with the motivation to really go after them.

Don’t just rely on yourself

Whether it’s a friend or a trainer look to gain a soundboard and support. This will help you not repeat what hasn’t worked before, get vocal with your new goals and gain accountability along the way.

Make a plan for short-term

You may have a holiday in 6 months or a year but what are your goals for today, the week or the month? Shorter term goals will help you start getting into the right thought processes and behaviours so you can create new positive habits. These goals can be for everyday and help bring a sense of achievement which builds confidence.

Do something that works for you

Take into account how much time you have, whether you can workout in the gym, at a class or at home, your goals and what you enjoy doing. Be mindful not to repeat what hasn’t worked before – for example if you know you struggle to maintain a routine on your own get in touch with a trainer or workout partner.

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