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Easter Calories – Temptation Season is Here…

One of the most calorie filled weekends of the year, a time that challenges the strongest of wills and threatens to derail your fitness successes. The average Easter egg contains around 530 calories, but add the irresistible chocolate treats found in the middle and you’re looking closer 1,000 calories per packaged egg!

It is important for you to recognise the success you have seen in your fitness and give yourself a treat as part of an overall plan. If you want to eat a piece of chocolate the size of your head, you can. You just have to focus on ensuring this does not stop your progress, snowball into a binge or fill you will guilt. You need to make treats part of your food week. If Easter is your time of year, enjoy the treat.

Why you need to make treat calories part of your food week.

Whether it’s social media or just current climate we operate in, there just appears to be a norm to put people on pedestals and these comparisons to get anywhere close to them portray a belief that we have to be really strict (whatever you define this to be) with our food in order to be deemed healthy or have an acceptable physique…..

This belief can lead to the label that treat foods are unhealthy…

It can then become a mental dilemma when you’ve finally finished a tough week or it is a special time of yeaand feel like that treat but you ask yourself…

‘Do I deserve this treat?’ 

‘Should I have this treat?’

This mindset can put you in a no-win situation. You then potentially feel guilty for having it or restricted for not having it which can then lead to inevitable self-sabotage down the road.

This cycle can affect your mental health and can lead to an ‘all or nothing’ approach to your food and training.

Over-restricting yourself of treat calories I believe is unhealthy. 

Having treats is a natural part of having balance and helps form a more positive relationship with food and subsequently your body. Treat foods (and to an extent food in general) should be for enjoyment.

The idea of good foods and bad foods can lead to negative relationships, over-restricting, binge-eating and self -sabotage.

Yes food is about fuel and energy but it’s also about an experience and nourishment so make sure you pop a treat or two in your week and enjoy times of the year like Easter to the fullest.

Proactive Treat Management…

Looking to bank your calories for that super-size egg that has been giving you the eyeball all week? We have listed some key exercises you can try along with the calories you are likely to burn. These are rough numbers; your burn rate is unique and likely to differ from the below but this is a good place to start. A combination of the below can really help mentally and physically to burn that beautifully silky chocolatey goodness…

  • Press-up’s – 57 Calories – 10 Minutes
  • Running – 563 Calories Per Hour
  • Sit-up – 75 Calories – 15 Minutes
  • Burpees – 282 Calories – 30 Minutes
  • Walking – 300 Calories – 20 Minutes
  • Aerobics – 450 Calories – 45 Minutes
  • Pilates Class – 180 Calories – 30 Minutes
  • High Intensity Fitness class – 500 Calories – 1 Hour
  • Skipping – 700 Calories – 1 Hour

It is important to not limit yourself or feel there is an area of your lifestyle that is excluded from your fitness routine. Treats, whether they be food, drink or lazy days are allow, they are encouraged and they are important. I mentally you have told yourself that something is forbidden, it is human nature to pursue it and once obtained, over indulge, leaving you in a emotionally fragile state made up of guilt and self loathing. Allow your self a treat, plan it into your routine and if you do over do it have a plan to get you back on track.

The video below give you some advice and motivation about getting yourself back on track…


What ever you do this easter weekend, what ever treat you give yourself, enjoy it, enjoy your time and don’t let the inner voice play tricks. When it is all over, we can still burn it off and quickly get back to where we were. As always, we are here to help for whatever you need.

Have a good easter…

Gareth Penrhyn


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