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6 More Reasons to Love Sunshine

Given the current spell of good weather and the forecast for a long and glorious summer we thought we would look at the positive effect the sun can have on you, your mood and your health. As with anything we enjoy in life, the official line is to always exercise caution, think safely and enjoy responsibly.

We hear a lot from professionals and their associated studies, many highlight how over exposure to sunshine can be problematic, there is however an increasing amount of attention paid to being under exposed to sunlight. There are several studies now highlighting the benefits of sunshine, nothing the happy effect on mental health, better ageing and cardiovascular benefits.

These benefits are noted to be driven in part to Vitamin D and what role sunlight plays in the generation of it. Vitamin is a real powerhouse in the world of vitamins and their health benefits. As well as Vitamin D, sunshine triggers a number of involuntary body responses that are thought to generate the following 6 benefits…

Better Mood

Along with Vitamin D, sunlight triggers the release of serotonin and endorphins, hormones associated with a happier mood, has a calming effect and decrease depression. As soon as sunlight hits your skin you are likely to notice a rapid improvement to your overall mood.

Sleep Better

The increase in serotonin levels gained through exposure to sunlight allows your body to better produce melatonin, a hormone that is thought by many to help improve sleep. Your body is also better able to recognise differences in light and as the evening rolls in your body will more easily recognise change and quickly prepare for rest.

Decrease Blood Pressure

When sunlight comes into contact with the skin a compound called nitric oxide is released into the blood vessels, a process that brings blood pressure levels down, lowering the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Reducing illness risks.

Excessive sunshine is known to increase the changes of skin cancer, however there are several studies that demonstrate that sun exposure can lower the risks of colorectal, prostate and breast cancer.

Stronger Bones

There is strong evidence to suggest that good levels of Vitamin D is key to keeping your bones healthy. This is increasingly important as we get older and our bone strength starts to deteriorate.

Potential Weight Loss

There are some links between sunshine and weight loss. It is thought that the higher your Vitamin D levels were before starting a weight loss programme, the higher your chances are for success. There are also studies that suggest that older women how do not get enough Vitamin D may be slightly heavier than those that do.

While there are huge benefits to sunlight exposure there a lot of risks and legitimate concerns about excess sun exposure. If you are increasing your exposure to sunlight please do so responsibility, think about the time you are exposed and apply appropriate protection to ensure you are safe. Keep an eye on moles and blemishes and check out any changes that seem notable. Incorporate a little sun when you can, at a sensible level and it is likely that you will start to see some real benefits.

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