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Getting you going again…

How do you actually start exercising again?

Whether it’s been a short or prolonged break or if it’s got to the point where you’ve become a stranger to that exercise routine getting back into it and actually starting again can be really hard….

Firstly be mindful of not adopting the ‘go hard or go home’ approach when returning….

There can be the temptation to go ‘all in’ on the first couple of weeks back which can then potentially lead to that ‘crash and burn’ effect… exercising most days at the start and trying to change everything with food followed by the disappointment of not being able to maintain it and inevitably a complete cut off from a new routine which can then reinforce doubts that ‘this isn’t for me’ or ‘I can’t do this.’

Plan to work up to a Fitness and healthy balanced eating routine that you can MAINTAIN…

Don’t be attached to what you were achieving before and the expectation of being back there…be open minded with your starting point.

Focus on the short-term benefits of the first couple of workouts back…

Think of what meaningful impact (achievement, activity, feel – good factor) you can get out of your first exercise session back rather than what you will get out of months of consistent exercise which can be overwhelming and feel too far away….

Make 1 change at a time….focus on small manageable changes and ‘small wins’ with your routine.

Even if week one is just conquering the behaviour of preparing your workout bag the night before and setting aside time to plan your workouts/sessions/classes for the week ahead….often the organisation part of a new workout/eating routine is over-looked.

Remember to gain support and advice from a trainer on how to manage your early weeks of progress, do what you ENJOY and can stick to and most importantly do it for YOU.

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