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How disciplined do I need to be with food?

For those looking to establish or have established an exercise routine and are looking to look, feel and move better i often get asked how disciplined to I need to be with food?

In order to get my stomach in, get my waist line down or just get to my ideal size?

Or it could be ‘it’s just the food, everything else is fine, once I’ve sorted the food I’ll be ok.’

And then they tend to stop there.

They then may go on to implement some food changes for a period of time.

But the problem with this approach is that you tend to see food as a separate thing. A separate entity.

It becomes a mentality of eating what’s perceived as good food and staying away from what’s perceived as bad food.

What’s more important here than the actual food is your thoughts, how you feel which then leads to your decision making and ultimately your habits.

The better we feel the more control we have over our decision making with food and the more at peace we are with those decisions.

If you would like to find out more about how you can change the way you manage your food and the incredible impact this can have on your life both physically and emotionally then contact us.

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