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The Right Calories

Do you just calorie count when it comes to losing weight….?

Calories and how we should approach them is always consistent topic of conversation when discussing our weight loss or body change goals…

One approach is just to work on a calorie deficit…which means burning more calories than you are in taking each day in order to lose weight…

For example eating 500 calories less than what you’re burning off each day for 7 days could mean potentially mean a pound weight loss for that week in theory…

However it isn’t as simple as that when it comes to our bodies….
How our body burns calories is based on a number of factors including our metabolism.

Firstly it is hard to measure exactly how many calories we burn all of the time…we often underestimate how many calories we consume and plus it becomes hard to know our calories when eating out ?

Additionally measuring calories can be hard to sustain long term…a food diary is a great way to review your decision making and become more conscious of what actual foods you are consuming?

Not all calories are the same…

Where calories come from can have a significant difference on hormonal balance which affects our ability to increase lean mass or increase or decrease body fat.

Remember we don’t just lose fat… we also lose water and muscle. Resistance training and focus on getting sufficient protein in can reduce the loss of muscle. Muscle can burn up to 3 times the amount of calories than fat so don’t overlook the importance of developing and protecting your lean muscle.

Are there other factors affecting calories…?

Counting calories can work for some people for a particular period of time but for the majority it is not the solution long term.

Firstly it is important to gain an understanding of making more conscious decisions with your food and what would work best for you.

Remember balance is still about making changes but also having a positive relationship with food, having mental and physical energy, feeling strong and making this a part of your lifestyle…

This may require some support, coaching and even accountability initially but once you develop positive habits it won’t feel like you have to study your calories every hour of the day in order to get great results….?

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