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Personalised Fitness & Nutritional Packages



We have done significant research into the fitness industry and healthy living to carefully create two different 90 day packages that give you the best chances possible to succeed and reach your goals. The bonus is they also work out far more cost effective than having “pay as you go” training!


We offer two different packages, the Kick Start and the Transform package. Both of them include our full support service and website access however the Transform package includes more contact time with your trainer. During your consultation we will sit down with you and discuss what package may be best for you depending on your goals and targets.

What's included in our packages


This usually lasts 30 minutes and is included in all of our packages. We will come to you, or alternatively we can talk over the phone or on Skype. The choice is yours. It will begin with a general chat about what you would like to achieve and we’ll discuss realistic goals depending on the package you choose. This is a great chance to ask about absolutely anything you wish, any concerns you may have or anything you want to know more about. We know it is a commitment and therefore we want to make sure you’re 100% comfortable before going any further.


When we first meet we will run you through your own personal booklet that is yours to keep. In here there is a whole range of useful information and logs for your body composition and workout plans so you can keep track of your progress.


The hardest thing about achieving your goals is motivation. People often give up going the gym simply because their motivation and drive disappear. Who can blame them? We’ve all been there. That’s why we offer a personalised support service to aid you through your programme.


Nutrition is so important for a healthy lifestyle and that is why it is included in all of our packages. We provide you with nutritional guidelines and weekly meal plans clearly set out depending on your activity levels.


Depending on your package you will get 1 or 2 of these a month where we will discuss your progress and set you various goals and tasks to focus on post call ready for your next training session.


With our new website we’re now able to offer even more than before. Both packages come with unlimited access to the website which is being updated all the time. You will be able to access the private members area, ranging from tutorials of exercises to motivational videos and detailed nutritional information. All of which can be saved to your phone, or alternatively printed off for you to keep and use at your own leisure.


All packages obviously include one-to-one training sessions. The only difference is the amount of times you train in a week! In all cases you will have our undivided attention for an hour where we will work towards achieving those goals! We will be constantly adapting your training routine depending on your progress and setting you full workout programmes for non-contact time.


Included in both packages, at the beginning of your programme and then on a monthly basis. We give you statistics and analysis of your progress, measuring everything from your weight to your BMI and Body Fat which is then given to you on a monthly report so you’re able to see just how much you’re achieving!


Join our fortnightly conference call where you’ll be able to sit down at your computer or mobile and fire any questions you may have at us. We’ll be discussing absolutely anything you wish to talk about, or just drop by and chat with us and other members!

Frequently asked questions

The reason we insist on 90 days is because it is a realistic time frame to achieve the goals you set. Sadly, despite what people may advertise you cannot transform your body in 30 days, it just isn’t possible!

We go into far more detail within our nutrition programme about the science and reasoning behind it but, simply put 90 days is a good solid foundation to work on, giving both you and I time to work together and make real changes.

We want you to get the best out of yourself. o Just training while ignoring the rest of your lifestyle will only make it harder and if it’s harder there’s more chance you give up – this is the last thing you or I want!

By offering packages we are able to work with you covering all aspects of a healthy lifestyle and giving you the best results possible in the time frame.

We completely understand that some people may not want to fully commit straight away or simply don’t know which to choose. Perhaps you really want to lose that weight before you go on holiday, or you’re close friends wedding, or you just want to make a steady improvement to your wellbeing. Everyone is different.

That’s why before we do anything we will sit down with you and chat about what you want to achieve and in what time frame. From here we will decide together what is best for you given your situation.

The choice is yours!

After the 90 days you may feel like you’ve achieved what you set out to do, perhaps you’ve gathered a whole host of information from us and the website and decide you’re ready to go at it alone, or you’re simply happy with your body and lifestyle now. In which case we wish you good luck and would love to hear how you’re getting on!

Or you may want to take it even further, pushing yourself harder and want to set a new goal. In which case we will sit down with you and decide what the next step is designing a completely bespoke package for you.

So, you decide to try it out and go for the kick-start package, great!

A month in you’re seeing results and feeling better all round but you want to take it to that next step and really transform yourself. Are you able to upgrade? Of course! We will simply upgrade your package for the remaining two months left of your package. Giving you full access to everything you get within the premium package.

If you have any questions about anything at all, or simply want to have a chat before you commit please feel free to contact us.

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